Why we love training with ‘everyday objects’

The couple taking a morning walk stops to ask what’s going on. The police car on the road slows to a crawl and rolls down the window to take a better look.

It’s often like this. When we arrive at the beach or park to unload the atlas stones, the logs or the sandbags, the faces of bystanders are often adorned with a surprising look or bemused smile. Today, it’s completely normal to go to the gym and lift cast-iron weights, pull a handle on a machine or spend 30 mins on a treadmill. But lifting a bag to your shoulder or carrying a log has somehow become an oddity in our modern world. 

Well, we don’t mind attention. Often the stares turn to excitement and sometimes even envy as we start our exercise.

But we’re not doing it for attention. Here’s why we love training with “strongman” objects such as stones, logs and sandbags.

They work great outdoors

Exercising outdoors is wonderful. Fresh air, sun and nature all around. But if you’ve tried taking traditional gym weights to the park or the beach you know it’s not ideal. Stones, sandbags and logs, however, fit in perfectly. They are rugged, solid and robust. They belong in the outdoors.

They are perfect for team training

Whether you’re carrying, lifting or pushing, they are easy to train with as a team – or compete. Synchro squats with logs, running with weighted poles or farmer carry – it’s easy and fun to accomplish task as a team.

They prepare us for regular life

Why do we train? To look and feel great for sure. But compound, functional movements also prepares us for that suitcase, that cupboard or that stone in the garden. By training with proper technique, using real objects, we get used to lifting and carrying odd shapes and weights with good form. We get stronger, and we’re less likely to injure ourselves day-to-day.

Don’t get us wrong – strength training and conditioning in a gym is great. But training outside with ‘everyday objects’ is something special.

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