Sarah Bouffard

I developed my passion for sport at an early age, competing as a youth at regional level in distance running, and more recently completing both the London and Nice-Cannes marathons in a sub 3h30 time. Over time I came to love fitness and weight training, and finally becoming a sports coach seemed like a natural choice for me, mixing my passion with work. I am a certified Personal Trainer who is motivated by helping people to get fit, see real results and improve their quality of life, with an enthusiastic and positive mindset. I specialise in a number of areas, including high-intensity training, CrossFit, functional training, fat loss, lean muscle development, strength and conditioning, core stability, endurance training, running and nutritional advice. REPS Personal Training Level 3 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer NASM Youth Specialist Training Poliquin Programming Precision Nutrition Level 1

Morgan Melkan

Fanatic about sports since young age, I was intent on making my passion my job. To transmit this passion to others, I entered the French faculty of sport sciences (STAPS), where I got licensed not only as trainer, but also licensed to teach other trainers. During these years, I acquired deep knowledge of the human body, training technique and physical preparation. From this foundation I pursued my specialization towards personal training, and obtained a professional certificate as coach in gymnastics technique and strength training . Since 10 years I run my own business as sports coach and fitness teacher, operating in one of the biggest fitness centers on the Côte d’Azur, where I daily train clients individually. The diversity of my training, my knowledge and my experience allows me to help all types of individuals, and to provide tailored and personalized follow-up. In parallel with this work, I continue to convey my knowledge and experience to a new generation of trainers, by teaching and evaluating new coaches in methods of physical preparation, bodybuilding and anatomy.

Greger Ottosson

I have been involved with sports and fitness my entire life. While I like trying new things, two activities as always remained at the top of the list: outdoors sports and strength training. With the renewed interest in “functional training” and whole-body movements, it feels obvious to me that we should take strength training outdoors! Lifting, carrying and pushing things is what our bodies are meant for. Doing it with friends in teams is what our minds long for. So my mission is to get us out there, develop good technique, and get strong for whatever life throws our way.   NASM Certified Personal Trainer CrossFit Level 1 Trainer EREPS Personal Trainer Level 4